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Chef Cecilia Chiang and Betelnut Chef Alex Ong explain Beggar’s Chicken

Chef Cecilia Chiang and Betelnut Chef Alex Ong explain Beggar's Chicken

Chef Cecilia Chiang and Betelnut Chef Alex Ong explain Beggar’s Chicken (wrapped in lotus leaf and baked in clay) at a “Chez Soi” dinner to celebrate Chez Panisse’s 40th. Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl looks on as San Francisco Ballet’s principal dancer Yuan Yuan Tan breaks the clay. For more about this dinner, see “Cecilia Chiang, Patty Unterman, & Ruth Reichl Dinner Celebrates Chez Panisse 40th” at foodandwinemavens.blogspot.com


(AK47 intro) Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking Like to welcome you aboard Choco Bear Air flight 86 Today we’re going to be cruising at about 37000 feet and be going about 450 knots That should put us at our destination about 5:30pm pacific standard time (CB) Here we go Verse 1 I want my fans to know its me, Sucobe in economy No G6 I’m not a fan, 737s no need for glam In a recession save a grand, all these rappers don’t give a damn (pause) That’s my bank, my rubberband sitting first class this must be fate, you sitting at home my life you hate travel the globe and see different spaces, walk in my shoes to different places you change diapers, I change flights. you know you hate it you know I’m right do I want aisle in 24C or 24A these clouds I see Guten tag in Germany, feels like home this must be me head to France and Portgual, Eifel tower and run with bull Change currency like I change my mood and culture amazed I love this food This Italian attitude, On the beaches women nude I’m everywhere just call me VISA, in the air they call me NASA With my friends they loving it and all my haters be wanting it, Smile on my face I’m having it, pimp lifestyle baracking it My air force one we poppin it, don’t run the world we rocking it Chorus Look at me, look at me Taking off from BNE Land in Qindao TAO, head to Cali SFO RNO to PHX, LAX to PDX SAN to DEN SEA I’m home again From the ground, to the air, British, Korean I don’t care I’m so high, yes I’m so fly
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Blossoming Flower Tea: Lily Fairy

Blossoming Flower Tea: Lily Fairy

“Lily Fairy” is a type of tea that is wrapped int a little ball and transforms into a beautiful flower when cooked into hot water. Yes, you can drink the tea, or you can even just leave it in a clear cup as a display for a week or two. They come in different varieties, often containing white tea, jasmine, and osmanthus. *This is filmed real-time. Nothing is edited except for putting the title and ending page* Purchase at “Langs Tea” 429 Stockton St, San Francisco **other varieties of this are available at the shop. Also, a variety of other high quality chinese teas! Yelp: www.yelp.com Song: “When Flowers Bloom” by Edward Ballar