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Part 2: Dancing Panda & Hamster: SF Chinese New Year Street Fair 2011

Panda: Wilson Hamster: Ramind Flamboyantly dancing in our Hamster & Panda costumes @ the children’s area during the San Francisco Chinatown New Year street fair. Too bad you couldn’t hear the music. šŸ™
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Samovar Masala Chai – Black Tea

Ingredients: Organic Chinese black tea, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic clove, organic black pepper. Flavor Profile: Broad flavors of cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and other ancient secret spices… Our chai is rich and balanced. Subtly sweet- even without the addition of milk and sugar. When prepared traditionally (simmered in milk with sugar) our masala chai is full-flavored, spicy, sweet, creamy, and deep. Tea Story: Samovar’s Masala Chai has people from all over the Bay Area coming for that cozy, creamy, and dreamy experience. Our secret masala chai recipe was created from a combination of several collected family recipes from across India.We use only organic whole spices and organic, whole-leaf black tea. The resulting drink is a perfect and flavorful balance of spice and tea… and totally addictive. Masala is Hindi for “spice” and Chai means “tea”- so Masala Chai simply means “Spiced Tea.” And now, wherever you are, you can take our chai with you. Samovarian Poetry: Spicy, creamy, and everything nice. Who doesn’t love chai? Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves…just add whole milk or rice milk and some raw cane sugar! Food Pairing: Pair Samovar’s Masala Chai with Indian food of course! Here at the tea lounge, we’ll drink it while nibbling on turmeric flavored cookies and cakes or savoring tofu curry over basmati rice. Sip on our chai while enjoying a chocolate pastry so the chocolate goodness can mingle
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Food n’ Beverage SF – EP003 – SO

As the other two episodes, we are in SOMA of San Francisco once again to try out a new place to us that has been around for a year or so at 8th st & Bryant st. Watch our review and check out whether you’ve had the same experience as well. No available site for SO Try out the first beverage we had. Drie Hoefijzers 3 Horses Lager www.udbexport.com Try out the second beverage we had. Nero’s 1st century Double Dark Malt Ale www.birraamarcord.it Check out our website at www.foodnbeveragesf.com Production by: Common Giants www.commongiants.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Send recommendations to recommendations@foodnbeveragesf.com Interested in sponsoring us? Inquires at contact@foodnbeveragesf.com
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Chinatown – Los Angeles, California, United States

tripwow.tripadvisor.com – Created at TripWow by TravelPod Attractions (a TripAdvisorā„¢ company) Chinatown Los Angeles Though much smaller than the Chinese neighborhoods of New York and San Francisco, great food and numerous small Chinese specialty stores still abound in Chinatown. Read more at: www.travelpod.com Travel blogs from Chinatown: – “… Stopping in Chinatown for some lunch with some BaoZi a type of steamed bun I’d gotten to know well in China we continued on to Pasadena a …” – “… We also took a look around Chinatown and generally just walked miles and miles around what is a really beautiful city I would just like to say thank you …” – “… very tempting but we managed to hold off – still no celeb spots, how can it be??? After a hard days shopping we went to Chinatown for dinner with some friends and then went to a trendy LA hangout – Urth Bar Came back early to pack and get prepared for …” Read these blogs and more at: www.travelpod.com Photos from: – Los Angeles, California, United States – San Francisco, California, United States Photos in this video: – “Chinatown ik heb er inmiddels al zo veel gezien” by Tourontour from a blog titled “Hollywood en vliegen” – “Bay Bridge from Chinatown, San Fran” by Rtwexplorer from a blog titled “USA” – “Dragons fighting-entrance Chinatown” by Billandkaz from a blog titled “LA – Swimmin’ Pools – Movie Stars!” – “LA’s Chinatown” by Jo21 from a blog titled “City Without a Soul” – “Entry to Chinatown” by Billandkaz from

History of Sake : Expansion of Sake From China to Japan

The origins of sake can be traced to the Yangtze river valley in China. Find out where sake was first made in thisfree video sake guide from a master sake sommelier. Expert: Beua Timken Contact: www.truesake.com Bio: Beau Timken has earned two professional sake-tasting licenses and a master sake sommelier license. He has also opened his own sake boutique named True Sake in San Francisco. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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