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Chinese Thugs Attack Pro Tibet Hurt the world feeling

The ‘Hu Jintao clique’ (CCP elite) was doing everything possible to undermine HH Dalai’ image. Chinese media continue attacks on Dalai Lama despite talks offer. the Communist Party mouthpiece, the People’s Daily. Beijing fund thousands Chinese oversea turn out to support the torch relay in San Francisco US, Jakarta Indonesia,Canberra Australia, Seoul South Korea, but it backfire turn to riots attack Pro Tibet. I hope the mentality turns for the nationalists/patriots and they start protesting their own government. Hearing news of foreigners being harassed physically in China makes me ashamed to be Chinese. But mob mentality is a scary thing. Let’s Boycott Lenovo: A China base Company. A sponsor Beijing Olympic. It own IBM thinkpad notebook. Lenovo is a supporter of torch relay route to Tibet as China brutally crackdown, killing Tibet monks, cut off food and water in many monasteries and violate human rights, cut off information after the unrest in Tibet. Please spread the word “boycott Lenovo”

All About Dragon Fruit

Learn the amazing health benefits of the delicious and exotic Dragon Fruit! In this brief episode, Kirstin Stephenson – licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, explains how to choose, cut and eat a Dragon Fruit, while examining many of it’s unique health properties.

Konnyaku Jelly

This is another gift I received from one of my Japanese friends. This is Konnyaku Jelly and this is my first time eating Konnyaku Jelly despite having lived in Japan for 13 years. I’ve heard so much about this sweet and some people choking and dying on Konnyaku Jelly in Japan. I really like the texture of Konnyaku Jelly. Konnyaku by Wikipedia: Konjac is grown in India, China, Japan and Korea for its large starchy corms, used to create a flour and jelly of the same name. It is also used as a vegan substitute for gelatin. In Japanese cuisine, konjac (konnyaku) appears in dishes such as oden. It is typically mottled grey and firmer in consistency than most gelatins. It has very little taste; the common variety tastes vaguely like salt. It is valued more for its texture than flavor. Ito konnyaku (糸蒟蒻) is a type of Japanese food consisting of konjac cut into noodle-like strips. It is usually sold in plastic bags with accompanying water. It is often used in sukiyaki and oden. The name literally means “thread-konjac”. Japanese konnyaku is made by mixing konjac flour with water and limewater.[2] Hijiki is often added for the characteristic dark color and flavor. Without additives for color, konnyaku is pale white. It is then boiled and cooled to solidify. Konnyaku made in noodle form is called shirataki and used in foods such as sukiyaki and gyudon. Konjac is consumed in parts of China’s Sichuan province; the corm is called moyu (Chinese: 魔芋; literally “devil’s taro”), and
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The Whispers (Live) ** IN THE MOOD ** Smooth as Silk…

The fabulous Whispers performing In the Mood from their album “Just Gets Better with Time” Clip from the show Soul Train, circa 1989. Members: Wallace “Scotty” Scott (born September 23, 1943, Fort Worth, Texas). Walter Scott (born September 23, 1943, Fort Worth, Texas). Marcus Hutson (born January 8, 1943, St Louis, Missouri, died 2000) Nicholas Caldwell (born April 5, 1944, Loma Linda, California). Leaveil Degree (born July 31, 1948, New Orleans, Louisiana). Jerry McNeil (born January 5, 1958, San Francisco, Ca) Will Johnson Lead guitar Gordy Harmon Melvin Clark Bass player
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The Ladder Theory [A 48 Hour Film Project, SF 2010]

This is our (first) submission to the 48 Hour Film Project in San Francisco. Our goal was to write, shoot, and edit a film in 48 hours from June 18 to 20. Here are the specs that we needed to have for the film: Genre (randomly chosen): Romance Character: Geoffery or Gigi Cook Prop: Plate Line: “You are not going to believe what happened.” This is a slightly polished version of the film with replaced music and an additional scene (which we forgot to add for the screening). Screenplay by Erick Steiner Dir. Ken Lauguico and Erick Steiner Prod. Alex Deguzman 1st Asst. Dir. Victor Tolosa TO DONATE to Hi And Bye Productions: www.hiandbyep.com