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Muskoka Nepotism

A Public Disclosure of Wrongdoing file PSIC-2011-D-1357 March 28 2011, is on the desk of the Ethics Commissioner as of August 2011 naming Tony Clement, George Young and Cogeco Cable Production Supervisor Scott Acton. September 22 2011 Toronto Star reports that Tony Clement asked and gets Mayor of Huntsville to hire pal for the G8, yet Huntsville Town Council had no idea that CAO Kelly Pender hired this guy and paid out 000.00 for two emails and he leaves after getting a grant from Federal Minister of Environment Peter Kent. September 2009 a company called PathFinder Group make a deputation to Huntsville Town Council with ex provincial Cabinet Minister and buddy of Mr. Clement, John Snolbesen part of the three suits presenting, but after the meeting walked away after a request by the Mayor to hire his daughters’ boyfriend thus Nepotism….Mayor of Huntsville daughters’ boyfriend got a job too. Video is an edited down version similar to the CTV National News Robert Fife story May 2010. Manitoba Member of Parliament Pat Martin NDP phrased this video in the House of Commons “Tony Clement Shamwow Commercial”, The channel name, Howard Bile is in reference to the 1976 Movie “Network” on my Favorites at this channel and the manipulation of Television by corporations or in a 2010 version SunTV/FoxNorth….this will probably be one of their CRTC presentation commercials…lol. Howard Beale played by Academy Award Winner Peter Finch…..and his line….”there is no telling what
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Sichuan Spicy Dan Dan Noodles/四川擔擔面/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

Sichuan Spicy Dan Dan Noodles/四川擔擔面/Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes

Recipe found at: www.cookwithkelly.com Authentic Chinese Food, Cooking and Recipes Music by: Johnny Fiasco – Fallin Ingredients: 8oz 拉面2 – 3 oz 絞豬肉1個雞蛋2tbsp 菜油2 – 3 oz 豆苗For the sauce base: 1 tbsp 豉油2 tsp 黑醋1.5 tbsp 麻油3 tsp 蔥花2 tsp 榨菜1.5 tsp 芝麻2 tsp 芝麻醬2 tsp 花生粉2 tbsp 蒜茸2 tsp 姜茸1 tsp 花椒粉1 tbsp 辣椒油To Marinate the pork: 1 tsp 豆粉½ tsp 生抽豉油½ tsp 麻油1 tbsp 水
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Buy Priligy – 1st pharmacy

Buy Priligy - 1st pharmacy

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