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Zutara Week 2009-Tuesday(Blood)

So it’s like one in the morning and I got back from Denver like two hours ago lol and this is my second entry for Zutara week, I ended up not using the song Suzie gave meh cuz I couldn’t get into it. I think I’ll make something else with that, it really doesn’t fit Zutara imo So yah, here’s blood. A randomish song with blood border cuz I am not creative at all when it comes to this kindof shit lol AND FOR ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT I DID ON VACATION: I got to go to the Cheesecake Factory in the shopping centre and ohmieffinggawd it was great. Ofcourse the cheesecake was magnificent, it was so colorful and tasty 8D And so was the pizza me and my lil bro Matt shared, twas good. Another resturant we went to was Macoroni Grill. YUM. The tortillinis(I know I spelled it wrong) are uber good, I swear that was like the most delicious dinner I’ve had out in like two months haha well, besides chinese food. Yum. Other than that we ate at the continental breakfastes and we didn’t have lunches, just early dinners and a few snacks. The places we got to go to were awesomesauce, the Metanical Gardens(methinks that’s what it’s called, too tired and bored and shtuff to look it up) but the flowers were beautiful and I loved the random dinosaurs that kept popping up. Yes, I was sarcastic about the dinosaurs. Well, I am 13…… I can’t be expected to spazz out over dinosaurs like my 5 year old(ALMOST SIX *cries*) lil bro Matt. We went to the aquarium after that, it was too cool! I really

Top Denver Acupuncturist for Headaches – Dr. Mark Carney – Denver, CO 80224

Your Healing Place – www.yourhealingplace.com – 303.636.0000 Healing With Acupuncture with Dr. Mark Carney Acupuncture & Headaches Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Carney. I’m a naturopathic doctor and an acupuncturist with a family practice in Denver, Colorado called Your Healing Place. People often ask, “What is acupuncture?” Acupuncture is one part of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. Acupuncture is based on the concept of Qi and Qi means energy. The Qi is flowing through our body in rivers that are called meridians in Chinese medicine. Basically, what acupuncture is doing is inserting needles at different points of these meridians to flip open and closed valves to regulate the flow of the energy of the Qi. The acupuncture needles are so tiny that they are bendable. They are almost the thickness of a human hair. So that’s acupuncture. Let’s talk about headaches. In Western medicine, there are dozens and dozens of possible causes for headaches. Some of the contributing factors to these imbalances include dehydration, hormone imbalances, a toxicity reaction or a detox reaction, a food or environmental allergen, the muscles in the back of the neck that go into a spasm, certainly stress plays a huge role when it comes to headaches, and the blood vessels inside the head can dilate and contract, and that also is a cause. When we use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to address headaches, it’s extremely important that we know the precise location of where