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Healthy Cooking (Chinese /English) – How to make stir-fry Cashew Chicken 如何炒腰果鸡丁

Hi everyone, I’m CeCe. I haven’t done a cooking video for a while, so here is another Chinese cooking tutorial for you guys^^ It is very simple and healthy:) You will need : Fresh chopped chicken chunks Bell Peppers of different colors mushrooms sprouts cashews cooking oil (any other veggies that you like) Seasoning Mix Soy sauce black peppers onions seeds And hopefully i have explained everything clearly in the video. Enjoy the tutorial ^^ Let me know if you ever try it out:) Love&Care CeCe My blog post on this video: Here is a link to my first cooking video: How to stir-fry Shrimp ❤Contact Information: ♥ Follow me on Twitter: ♥ Add me on Facebook: ♥ My Official Facebook Fan Page: ♥ Subscribe for more tutorials and fashion videos: ❤Lioele makeup ❤5% off coupon code CeCe Tags:PandorasPalette pandoras palette “how to” “stir-fry chicken” “cashew chicken” “healthy food” “healthy diet” cooking recipe “how to stir fry chicken” 如何炒腰果鸡丁健康饮食中英双语chicken veggies vegetables quick cooking “how to stay healthy”

Breville at Mission Street Chinese SF

Breville and Tasting Table are partnering to create One Night Only — a unique series of dinner events at the best restaurants with chefs around the country where a special menu is created inspired by Breville products. Danny Bowien and the Mission Street Chinese Food team created this masterpiece of a meal on February 15th 2012. Mission Chinese Food: Danny Bowien – chef/co-owner Anthony Myint – co-owner Video Production: Youngmi Mayer – videographer Joe Stillwater – producer/sound mixer Mission Street Chinese Food 2234 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA Tasting Table Breville http
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GOOD Chinese Food Revealed

GOOD Chinese Food Revealed

Before Jennifer 8. Lee wrote her intriguing new book, “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles”, everyone thought that Chinese fortune cookies were invented by an Italian in San Francisco. Not so! And you will have to read her book to discover their TRUE origin. Jennifer, as I discovered over lunch at one of my favorite new restaurants in Boston (Watch the video to see where I EAT MY DUMPLINGS ) is funny and smart. PLUS like me, she is obsessed with finding GREAT Chinese food. Okay they may not be AUTHENTIC Chinese, but they can be fun- especially if you add “in bed” at the end of your fortune. May you live a long, healthy, and happy life!! (in bed and out) Nina
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Easy Sweet & Sour Chicken!

*Not the traditional way of cooking Sweet and Sour chicken by any means! Just my easy short cut version, STILL AMAZING THO!* One of our family favorites! My husband is OBSESSED with Chinese food but we can never go because of Brayden and My allergies…so I make this for him and he LOVES it!! Sweet and sour chicken made really simple. * And yes, Kaylee is in a disposable diaper in one shot she is in…we are washing ALL the diapers for our trip tomorrow, so she is wearing a disposable so I am not leaving Denver behind with dirty diapers or traveling in the car for 5 hours with them * Facebook Page: Recipe: 2-4 Boneless Chicken Breasts 1 Cup Italian Dressing 1/4 Cup of Honey 2 tsp of Lime Juice 2 tbs Apricot Preserves Mix all ingredients but the chicken together in a bowl (you can change it up to taste to meet your preferences…we usually add and extra tbs of honey), then cut up chicken into cubes and add to the marinate. Let marinate for 1-2 Hours. Place EVERYTHING (marinate & chicken) in skillet at medium heat for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. At 35 minutes it’ll get thick and look burnt…ITS NOT! Its the marinate caramelizing. Serve with whatever you’d like…we usually do broccoli and snap peas and rice! 🙂

Mama’s Chicken soup recipe for Traditional Chinese Medicine Panax Notoginseng – the king of Ginseng

This video presents perfect recipe for taking your daily dose of Notoginseng. The recipe is simple and removes some bitterness of Notoginseng, thus making Notoginseng more palatable. Anemic people are highly recommended to take Notoginseng only by this recipe. Please visit for more recipe and more information on Notoginseng.