► China Rises – Food is Heaven (New York Times Television)

From the steamy kitchens of Canton to the arid moonscape of the north, food is the very heart and soul of China. But increasing development and dwindling water supplies threaten the nation’s ability to feed itself. Meet the men and women who celebrate the glory of authentic Chinese cuisine – while working to preserve a healthy food supply for future generations.

China Rises is a four-hour documentary series that combines the talents of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and New York Times Television to chronicle how the monumental changes unfolding in the planet’s most populous nation could reshape our world.
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21 thoughts on “► China Rises – Food is Heaven (New York Times Television)

  1. Taylor Hudson

    *Good food is a part of heaven, it is one of the best things in the world.
    Learn the truth of life at Truthcontest © com.*

  2. The Under Network [ Channel Has Moved ]

    When the Chinese government can’t feed it’s own people. The politicians are
    gonna be on the next menu.

  3. Hanno the Phoenician

    China has more ability to feed itself than at any time in their entire
    history. This is just Western Propaganda. This country is unstoppable while
    we’re in decline.

    I’ve traveled in many countries. No where in the world (except possibly
    Paris and New York) will you eat as well as in China. Whether it’s a fancy
    restaurant or a little Ma and Pa noodle shop that mostly locals go to, the
    food is always fantastic. 

  4. Brandon J

    The United States doesn’t have to worry about China in the future. The
    Chinese will end up starving to death/

  5. dragondescendant1

    McDonalds, KFC western junk food should get out of China, there are much
    more better food in China than those American transfat junk.

  6. john jones

    Chinese people want a western style of living, but unfortunately they don’t
    realize the history and culture that is lost in the process and becomes a
    generic country with a foreign language.

  7. bitterboi31

    Basic premise of this video China out-competes rest of world with low
    wages, abundance of manual labor, non-existent environmental standards,
    non-existent regulation, and government corruption…Bottom line, don’t eat
    anything that comes from China…

  8. Keeratipong Boonnapongkasem

    i almost cried when the woman says
    “I will create green land till i die. As long as i can get up and move, i
    will keep on planting. i will spend my whole life in the desert planting
    trees and beating back the sand. i hope to turn the desert into an oasis, a
    place with birds and flowers. The desert will disappear.”

  9. Murali pat

    Its just a joke on food habits of Chinese. They are responsible for
    poaching of tigers because they eat them

  10. Pairofkingsup

    This is not a proper depiction of Cantonese culture. My dad is Cantonese
    and I have been to Guangzhou many times; most people would NEVER eat
    insects and those kinds of food. I know that there’s nothing wrong eating
    insects and stuff cause they are healthy but most Cantonese people would
    still never eat those 

  11. Bruce Conway

    Glad there are some who want a return to AUTHENTIC chinese food (which is
    delicious, and nutritious). Not sure why they let McDonald’s into China.
    The latest tainted meat scandal says it all. Turning food over to
    corporations is a huge mistake: they’re there to make money, not serve
    quality food. Food transported over long distances causes pollution, makes
    you less able to trace suppliers and freshness and puts local vendors out
    of work. Best to grow and eat food as close to home as possible.

    The tainted meat scandal below is likely much wider, but unreported. Fast
    food is really not an option any more, if you value your life.

    China tainted meat scandal widens to Burger King, Starbucks
    Meat from suspect Shanghai plant has been traced to more restaurants
    The Associated Press Posted: Jul 22, 2014 10:02 AM ET Last Updated: Jul 22,
    2014 10:02 AM ET

  12. BrandenburgDawn

    Some racist megalomaniacs only know how to bash China, but never know that
    Chinese ARE NOT even care what the megals are saying. The ONLY thing that
    Chinese are doing is developing themselves. DO NOT forget China was the
    only superpower for centuries. Although defeated by the West in 18th
    century, China was defeated by the weapons based on Chinese inventions.
    China nowadays is not rising, it is actually backing to normal, China was
    normally a superpower, and will continue being. If one day China returns,
    these racist pigs might kneel to the ground and lick the ass of China. Do
    not believe? Come and bit me. BTW, I’m a Chinese, I’m proud of my

  13. wooots77

    As an Asian I really wish most Asians can be as cultured as the Japanese,
    not like these barbaric Chinese.

  14. MrAnythingAirsoft

    My people! Rich or poor we should all help each other because the planet is
    shared by everyone.


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